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You can file a will or trust contest in order to recover or protect your inheritance.

What You Need to Know

Were you expecting an inheritance from a family member, friend, or associate, only to find that you are receiving less than you were expecting or even nothing at all? If this is the case, you may have been wrongfully disinherited, and a probate attorney can represent you to obtain the inheritance that is rightfully yours. The Inheritance Recovery Attorneys, LLP represent wrongfully disinherited parties to win justice and financial recovery by aggressively pursuing all available legal strategies in pursuit of proper inheritance decisions in probate court. And because The Inheritance Recovery Attorneys, LLP represent clients on a contingency basis, you owe no legal fee unless and until we recover on your behalf.

Common Methods of Disinheritance

Below are a few of the common manners in which clients are wrongfully disinherited:

  • Undue Influence: Where a family member, friend, business associate, employee, or even a stranger takes advantage of a person by getting him or her to change a will through undue influence (which can include either mental or physical duress), we will fight to have these changes invalidated.
  • Incorrect Will: Many people create multiple wills and codicils throughout their life, and it is critical to have the most recent valid will brought into court. We will work to ensure that no out-of-date or otherwise revoked wills are admitted and that the proper will is admitted.
  • Forged Will: As with an incorrect will, sometimes parties will fraudulently attempt to have a forged will or otherwise legally invalid will admitted.
  • Trustee Misconduct: We will take appropriate action against all misconduct by trustees including wasting of assets or provision of property to improper beneficiaries.
Benefits of Probate Litigation
Make Things Right

Honor the deceased’s true intentions by working for the just outcome.

Get Results Faster

We will fight to make trustees and executors do their job fairly and quickly.

Find a Resolution

Litigation can resolve long-running disputes before they get any worse.

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Work With The Inheritance Recovery Attorneys, LLP to Win Your Rightful Inheritance

If you believe you have been wrongfully disinherited or otherwise mistreated by another with regard to a will, The Inheritance Recovery Attorneys, LLP are here to help. We have extensive experience in understanding and litigating the nuances and complexities of California probate code, and we have spent countless hours spent in the courtroom aggressively fighting on behalf of injured plaintiffs. Contact one of the dedicated team members at The Inheritance Recovery Attorneys, LLP to see how we can help you in getting the recovery you deserve in your probate or trust matter.

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