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When trustees fails to fulfill their duties, our team acts aggressively on our clients’ behalf to remove those trustees.

Don’t Suffer a Bad Trustee

Turning the Tables on Trustees

Under California law, a trustee overseeing a trust for which you are a beneficiary owes you fiduciary duties to manage the trust in accord with your benefactor’s directions and your rights under the trust. Many trustees, however, fail to properly manage the trust – either due to incompetence or self-serving motivations – which can cause serious financial injury to you and other beneficiaries. At The Inheritance Recovery Attorneys, LLP, we act aggressively in such situations to remove trustees who are failing to fulfill their duties under California law.

With decades of courtroom experience, our team possesses both the comprehensive knowledge of California probate/trust law to assess the most effective strategies to represent your interests under the law and the aggressive courtroom skills to execute those strategies. Best of all, under our contingency arrangement, you don’t pay until we succeed on your behalf.

Why Removing a Trustee Matters
Defend Your Rights

Trustees are required to act on your behalf. When they don’t, you suffer.

Sometimes the only way to protect your trust benefits is through removal.

Don’t wait to act until the trustee mismanages/loses even more trust assets.

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Why Trustees are Removed

Pursuant to California law, a beneficiary can petition a court to remove a trustee when any of the following occurs: 1) the trustee has breached the trust; 2) the trustee is insolvent or unfit to administer the trust; 3) there is damaging hostility among co-trustees; 4) a trustee fails to carry out his duties; 5) the trustee’s compensation is unfairly high; 6) the trustee also drafted the trust documents; 7) the trustee is unable to manage the finances of the trust; 8) the trustee has been fraudulently induced by others; or 9) other good cause.

Of course, you as the beneficiary are not expected to understand whether any of the above are definitively occurring, but, when you work with The Inheritance Recovery Attorneys, LLP, we will comprehensively analyze your trust and trustee to make the determination whether grounds for trustee removal exist, and then we will aggressively act on your behalf to pursue all legal remedies to make sure you are treated fairly under the law.

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