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Protecting & Recovering Your Inheritance

Our Services

With decades of courtroom experience, our team possesses both the comprehensive knowledge of California probate/trust law to assess the most effective strategies to represent your interests under the law and the aggressive courtroom skills to execute those strategies. Best of all, under our contingency arrangement, you don’t pay until we succeed on your behalf.

Will & Trust Contests

We help our clients to challenge a will or trust that has been procured through wrongful acts of another.

Compel Distributions

Tired of Trustee Delay/Unfairness? Whether a trustee’s failure to execute your distribution is due to oversight, laziness, malfeasance, or ignorance, the aggressive legal team at The Inheritance Recovery Attorneys, LLP will act fast to get what is yours.

Trustee Removal

At The Inheritance Recovery Attorneys, LLP, we will act aggressively to remove trustees who are failing to fulfill their duties under California law.

General Representation

If you feel that you are being mistreated by trustees, attorneys, family members, or others, but don’t know where to start, the experienced legal team at The Inheritance Recovery Attorneys, LLP are here to help.

Wrongful Disinheritance

The Inheritance Recovery Attorneys, LLP represent wrongfully disinherited parties to win justice and financial recovery by aggressively pursuing all available legal strategies in pursuit of proper inheritance decisions in probate court.

Probate Attorney Referrals

If a client or other individual has approached your law practice with a will or trust contest matter that, for whatever reason, you do not seek to pursue on your own, you can earn a significant referral fee by referring the client to The Inheritance Recovery Attorneys, LLP. Do not hesitate to reach out to The Inheritance Recovery Attorneys, LLP to learn more about our services, our referral program, or to seek answers to any other question you may have.

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