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Nothing makes us happier than recovering the inheritances & distributions our clients are owed. Here are a few of our successes.

Just a Few of Our Many Plaintiff Successes

Defendant Successes

$800,000 Recovered

Siblings were written out of inheritance after their father was taken advantage of by a non-family member. After filing a law suit, settlement was reached, re-incorporating clients back into estate plan, just as their father intended.
Approximately $800,000.

$462,500 Recovered

Our client’s wife passed away and wanted to leave him with part of her own inheritance from her parents. Her brothers and sisters refused to distribute her share of the estate after she passed away and claimed that our client was not owed any monies. At mediation, we settled for $462,500.

$1.2 Million Recovered

Trustee deprived beneficiary of $1.2 Million. Recovered entire amount for client.

$460,000 Recovered

Our client was named as a beneficiary in her best friend’s trust. Her friend’s siblings, who had control of the assets refused to recognize her interest.  After four months of litigation, we reached a settlement for $460,000 on behalf of client.

Beneficial Interest in Estate Recovered

Client entirely disinherited of her 1/2 interest in newly drafted trust, leaving entire estate to caretaker. Recovered client’s interest in the estate through settlement without need for mediation.

$700,000 Recovered

Client stood to inherit hundreds of thousands of dollars, but the Trustee refused to make the distribution. Obtained an early distribution for clients and timely distribution of remainder of inheritance: Approximately $700,000.

$500,000 Recovered

Clients were the beneficiaries of their father and step-mother’s estate. When father passed, the joint trust was supposed to be split equally, ensuring that our clients would receive their father’s estate upon the passing of step-mother. Step-mother was authorized to make changes only under very limited circumstances. Instead, upon dad’s passing, step-mom terminated the joint trust and formed her own trust leaving the entire estate to her kids, our clients’ step-siblings. This time, armed with trust terms on our side, we were able to get an incredible result for our clients at mediation, recovering most of what they should have gotten in the first place. Facts do matter.

$200,000 Recovered

Client’s father passed away. His step-mother then changed the trust to leave everything to her children and wrote out our client (just because he was a step-child). Despite it being her right to do so, as the surviving spouse, we were able to achieve a $200,000.00 settlement for our client, even without a strong legal basis to do so.

Saved $867,000

Our client [trustee] was sued for the theft of $900,000.00 of precious metals. Settled case for $33,000.00 during litigation.

Saved $372,000

Client was sued for breach of fiduciary duty for $400,000.00, for purchase of trust property below value. Case settled for $28,000.

Saved over $1.7 Million

Client sued for $1.8 million dollars for alleged breach of fiduciary duty as trustee and theft of trust property. Trial net verdict was $70,000 against client after trust reimbursed for legal fees. Savings of over $1.7 million for client.

Saved over $300,000

Our client was sued by his siblings, who claimed that he should receive ZERO monies from his mother’s estate. His mother, who he took care of and who he loved very much.  We settled at mediation and protected his inheritance, ensuring that he got his fair share.

Just a Few of our Client Testimonials


“Very thankful that I found The Will Contest Attorneys! Mark and Ed helped me gain a portion of my inheritance that was wrongfully taken from me. Very professional and caring. I highly recommend.”

Theresa C.

“My dad was unjustly treated by trustees who completely ignored my dad’s rights and blatantly deprived him of a home and his share of the inheritance. I thank God Ed and Mark came to our rescue. Their effective and dynamic approach to resolving our case secured a very favorable award for my dad in a short amount of time. Because they are driven by their passion to truly help those who have been unjustly treated, they were also extremely generous in their payment terms with my dad. So grateful for these amazing advocates!”

Jessica K. 

“From start to finish, Ed, Mark and the team were thorough and professional. Their communication was great. We had lots of phone conversations and emails so I never felt like we were being sidelined. They were forthright about the odds of a settlement based on the will stipulations and basically made a MIRACLE happen for my dad and our family.  I can’t thank them enough!”

Michelle J. 

“My step-sister convinced my mom to leave everything to her after my dad died. It was a horrible and emotional experience to find this out. I found Inheritance Recovery Attorneys and spoke to Ed Terzian. I felt very comfortable with him right offt, cause I could tell he actually cared about what I was going through. They got me a great result at mediation, which his going to help me through retirement. All without having to pay anything out of pocket until I got my inheritance.”


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