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Trustee Removal: Reasons to Remove a Trustee

Trustee Removal: Reasons to Remove a Trustee

There are many benefits to starting a trust, and the person placed in charge of managing the trust on behalf of its beneficiaries is called the trustee. In most situations, the trustee manages the trust well and in the beneficiaries’ best interest; however, sometimes...

What are Will Formalities?

What are Will Formalities?

Creating a will and estate plan can be beneficial for both you and your heirs, but in order to have a legally recognizable will, certain steps must be taken in order to validate its contents. Known as will formalities, these procedural steps ensure that your will is...

How Long Does it Take to Challenge a Will?

How Long Does it Take to Challenge a Will?

The loss of a loved one is never easy, and matters can be further complicated when there are issues with the will. If you believe that a lack of mental capacity, undue influence, fraud, forgery, or another issue renders a will invalid, you may have a valid claim for...

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