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Who Pays My Legal Costs for Contesting a Will?

Who Pays My Legal Costs for Contesting a Will?

After a person passes away, his or her estate goes to probate, and if that person wrote a final will and testament, the estate will be distributed in probate according to his or her wishes. There are times when a person wishes to contest a will because he or she...

Can an Executor Contest a Will?

Can an Executor Contest a Will?

In the last will and testament of an estate plan, the decedent not only decides how their estate will be distributed among heirs but also who is named as executor of the will. The executor of a will is the person who administers the estate after the decedent’s...

Trustee Removal in California

Trustee Removal in California

There are times when a trustee violates his or her fiduciary duty and needs to be removed from the trust. This article, and the next two parts, explain when a trustee can be removed from a trust in California.

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