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Tired of Trustee Delay/Unfairness?

As the rightful beneficiary of a will or trust, you are entitled to a timely distribution of the assets that your benefactor intended for you to have. You should not have to wait around to get your inheritance. But all too often, appointed trustees or executors do not take the steps necessary to make sure that you receive what is rightfully yours in a prompt manner in accord with the law. Whether a trustee’s failure to execute your distribution is due to oversight, laziness, malfeasance, or ignorance, the aggressive legal team at The Inheritance Recovery Attorneys, LLP will act fast to get what is yours.

When you contact The Inheritance Recovery Attorneys, LLP we will jump into action to immediately assess the terms of the relevant will and/or trust, determine the best legal strategies to work towards a prompt recovery, and then act with precision, efficiency, and all necessary force in pursuing all available legal avenues to compel a prompt distribution of the assets you are owed. We can help you get your inheritance today. 

How We Represent Your Interests
Recovering What’s Yours

We will immediately contact the trustee to aggressively seek a prompt distribution.

We will pursue all legal remedies in and out of court to ensure your recovery.

You owe us nothing in legal fees until we successfully recover on your behalf.

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You Only Pay if We Recover

What makes The Inheritance Recovery Attorneys, LLP different from other lawyers working in the field of probate litigation is that: 1) we work on a contingency basis, which means that we do not expect you to pay any legal fees upfront, and we will only charge you a fee if and when we successfully recover the distribution on your behalf; and 2) our legal team combines a deep knowledge of California probate law along with decades of experience in aggressively pursuing justice on behalf of injured plaintiffs in courtroom trials across California.

We will take quick and forceful action against any trustee that is delaying or otherwise blocking your rightful distribution from a trust or will, and ensure that you are not treated improperly due to the trustee’s incompetence, self-dealing and other bad-faith actions, failure to understand your standing as rightful beneficiary, or improper favoritism towards others. Contact us today to get started immediately.

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